April 16, 2004

I have to vent. - yesterday I came across two moronic men.

1. This A**hole in a ute decides to cut into my lane so I honked him for being a prick and he flipped me the bird. I was so close to winding down my window and telling him to shove it up his arse. He had no right to be pissed off because he was trying to cut in the traffic queue by speeding down the left lane where there was a parked car and clearly nowhere for him to go but CUT in when there was obviously NO ROOM - I had to slam on my brakes to avoid colliding with him. MORON.

2. This guy on Jpeg's basketball team, lets call him Igor. (oh wait that IS his real name ha! "eeeegorrrrrr!") I have never met a more arrogant prick. Firstly they're playing a 'social comp.' like i know all men take their ball seriously but ultimately this is not rep league, this is a social game and there is sportsmanship to be displayed towards other teams and more importantly on your own team. Igor obviously didn't get that unwritten memo. Their team wasn't playing to the best and it was the semi-final - Igor tells his team at half time , and I quote, "you're all playing like a bunch of F**king C*nts". Other than being offended by the C word I was more annoyed because he didnt include himself as being one of them, he thought he was the only hero trying to save their game. Everyone including their coach could see the problem was really him. He was trying to be a point guard and control the game when he is infact the Centre. (sound familiar?) Anyhow after the game, he went and had another go at his own team mates and crossed the invisible mateship line "i'm not here for friendship I'm here to play to win". The rest of the team told him to f**k off. From my observations guys teams are generally made up of a bunch of friends, you only get asked to play for a team when you know them. I think this guy was asked by their coach, so he didnt have any alliances but he basically tried to run the show and tell everyone how to play. Let's just say he was about 30cm from getting beaten up by his own team mates. Only because someone was holding them back.

Some men are morons.


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