April 19, 2004

Following Marshy's stellar picture efforts on her blog, i make the following announcement.
** This blog will be on a short (hopefully) hiatus **
I will not be posting until

1. I can get my images posted up which means I need webspace which means i have to wait until someone comes back from holiday to reboot their server, or if i can get off my ass to organise broadband connection. both of these could take while.

2. I can redesign my site to make it more kick ass, which relies on point 1.

3. I have some form a life again that does not revolve around editing deadlines.

4. I have more exciting things to blog about. (some people have been bored by content)

5. I can get a comments system working for instant gratification on my entries (which is really the only reason people have comments system - yes mars i can hear you yelling "stumpy!" from here.)

So hopefully the next entry into this blog will be hella cool!

PS. although I am in the early stages of editing our film. I know it will be the bestest one yet. I hope.

Over and out.


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