May 12, 2005

Scooby Snacks

Last night after our basketball game we piled into Shar's family 'scooby' tarago and went off to our old haunt 'Superbowl' in Chinatown. They were under renovations so the walls smelt of fresh paint and it was rather unattractive (more so than usual). But it was an appealing change from having Maccas for the past 3 weeks (we only went coz it was free and it means I get to see jpeg in his sexy uniform). Dinner was the standard issue - crispy salt and pepper squid on a bed of crunchy fried seaweed and chillis, prawn hot pot in XO sauce on rice vermicilli noodles, 'tong choy' (i dont know the English name, i guess it's literally 'hollow vege') in shrimp paste, minced pork and eggplant hotpot and a terribly 'gwai lo' but delicious fried fish with sweet corn and pea sauce (even the honkie waiter chuckled when we ordered it!). Delicious and enough fried food to last me through hibernation this winter! Afterwards we all piled back into the scooby van and waited patiently for it to start. 5 times. "Go scooby go!"


Blogger jaysun said...

Why didn't you order the usual fried pi-pis in XO sauce and Fujian fried rice (Fuk-kin chow fan)?


2:48 pm  

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