August 11, 2005

clowning around...

Today I got paid to learn how to juggle! Woo! Well sort of... we did learn other stuff on how to deal with difficult situations, but i was more impressed by the juggling. A few of us who attended are considering instigating 'juggling breaks' during our work day to refresh both sides of our brains (which is apparently what juggling does). I seem to be spending more time bending over to pick up the balls than actual juggling... but it's on my list of skills to perfect (including 'a chin up'). Here's a link to a cool site with instructions on how to juggle! Maybe oneday i will fulfil my childhood ambition to be a 'girl clown'. *ta-dah!*


Blogger Sharlene said...

I LURVE juggling!! I prefer balls to eggs and apples though, there is always a chance I might spoil them :D

4:39 pm  

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