July 28, 2005

phat...without the ' ph'

Okay it's week 3 of my training plan and bikini body/athlete body diet. Training is going well - but the diet is not. I blame the cold weather, but now that it's warmed up there really is no excuse for excessive eating...other than lack of willpower! eek! Today one of the guys at work brought in some Krispy Kremes. I resisted...but by 9.01am I had already inhaled 200 calories from a chocolate cake glazed donut (so much nicer than your regular supersweet glazed). Anyhow I decided to look up the nutritional info and yes 12 grams of fat - which sort of doesn't seem like a lot since one GIANT cherry ripe bar has about 18 grams of fat (don't ask me how I know...), but then I saw the '100 calories from fat', which kind of hit home. It takes me 20 minutes running at warp speed 9 on the treadmill to burn off 100 calories. So technically to burn off my 1 krispy kreme donut I would have to run for 40 minutes. urghh..and last night I only ran for about 15 minutes during my basketball game. No wonder I still can't do a chin up!


Blogger jaysun said...

To further add to your pain, fat calories are readily digested by your body more than calories from protein or low gi carbs.

So not only did you take in more calories, your body burnt less existing calories digesting these new calories.

Next time if you crave fat, eat almonds. The monounsaturated fat will do you good, and your body will work harder digesting them.

Aiyah, now I'm hungry. Going to find something to eat... that doesn't have as much fat calories as the Krispy Kreme.

Evil Krispy Kreme, trying to fool the masses by not calling themselves "Crispy Cream", so people won't automatically think of fat and unhealthiness.

11:29 pm  
Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Not to mention that calories that are still in your system from the mad Canberra 2 hour food inhalation on Sunday..


P.s. On the otherhand. I went to the gym with Tiff the other day. Have you been eating his food? I didn't realise he was THAT skinny!


12:09 am  
Blogger Bex said...

Slack man! Why would i eat Tif's food?! I"m constantly trying to force feed him more food :(

Jaysun -i dont crave fat. If it's there, I just eat it. That is my main problem. There's nothing crispy about their donuts - I prefer those fried cinnamon sugar donuts!!

9:38 am  
Blogger G said...

mmmm donuts

I wonder how many calories are in the tub of cookies and cream ice cream I just ate? *ponder* ...

1:30 pm  

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