August 01, 2005

Black Scarf Detail

black scarf detail, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Here's some detail on the black rib knit scarf. If you're interested it's 16 stitches, k2 p2 and then reverse on the second row. Until you get to the desired length. I used size 10 needles and some chunky wool from big w. I don't know all the knitting code yet, it's only my 5th scarf, but so far it's the most portable, time efficient and most gratifying craft I can manage in between work, training, eating and sleeping...


Blogger YDG said...

hey I know that k2p2 stands for knit 2 purl 2 !!

2:29 am  
Blogger Bex said...

Nice work! Do you like the scarf??

1:50 pm  

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