August 03, 2005

i wanna be a supermodel

So for my bday my mum got me a photo session with starshots Um. thanks! There's some interesting photos in their gallery.

So now i've got to fill out this form about what kind of look i want -
Do i want fashion/sexy/romantic/glamour? um maybe
Do I want headshot/fullbody/three-quarters? dunno
If i want to do a nude shot then i should make sure i've waxed/shaved/plucked and self tanned before i go. hmmm.. so many choices :P
I guess it would be fun if there were a few of friends together (err no, i'm not going to be doing any nude shots just to clarify)...but i'm going by myself. It's not for another month - and no, i'm probably not going to post them on the blog, or get the WALL sized one to put up in my living room (coz that would be GREAT.not) but i'll probably tell you all about my 'pampering experience' as the eager woman told me on the phone "you'll just LURVE it!". ha. I'll probably get the wallet sized one for my mum so she can send it to my honkie relos. They are sick for that kind of stuff! I think I will show the starshots people some pictures of famous honkie stars and tell them "yes i want to look like that" and point to Zhang Zi Yi in 'house of flying daggers' and Maggie Cheung in 'In the mood for love'. yeah. i might have to photoshop it and add Takeshi Kanshiro in the picture.


Blogger jaysun said...

Can you see if they are good photoshoppers? See if they can photoshop a six pack into a glamour photo... hahaha... and not some chow ang moh six pack too cause anyone can do it. Must match Asian skin tone.

10:15 am  
Blogger YDG said...

ooOOOOoooo glamour shots!! Be strong and tough. They will make you think that 150cmx100cm headshot would look GREAT on your wall and convince you to buy the album ... you know, say that you're in your prime and you'll never look this good again. My "sucker" album and huge photo sat behind the bar fridge and is now in the storeroom.

2:35 am  

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