July 19, 2005

The Chad

As demanded by The Chad. Here is an entry dedicated soley to him. Instead of talking about what a cool friend he is and how much fun we have together or how i will be using his very cool present from whistler (a funky knitted beanie/visor thingy) this weekend when i go to the snow, i've decided that i will attempt to draft a personal ad for him - now that he is technically 'on the market'.

25 year old Chad, seeks 18-30 year old fun loving companion, preferably non-smoker, non-mic hog who must be willing to help style hair. Willing to travel the world to have a good time. Enjoys cooking and eating malaysian food, singing karaoke, testing fishtank water to find nemo, and lots of sports - rugby, snowboarding, paddling, golf. Current relationship status: single parent (one year old bitch called Starla).Princesses are also welcome to apply.

"I dont want to meet your daddy, I just want you be my caddy
I dont want to meet your momma, I just wanna make you cumma".


Blogger Chad said...

Buon Giorno!

Im in Rome now! Its soo beautiful here, love all the buildings!

Went to the Roman Colosseum on a tour and the guide asked the group, in and italian accent: "Who do you thinka fighta in the centa?" I didnt answer but inside i said.... Russell Crow! (I bet Shar is the only person who will laugh :)

ANyways thanks heaps bexs for the blog entry.. lova! So sweet you are... esp the, "ill make you comema" bit ;)

8:14 am  

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