July 24, 2005


suppertime, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Thursday night in downtown chinatown. I drove out to the city to pick up Johanna for our snow weekend and was amazed at the amount of people in the city hanging out at midnight...I guess I don't get out much anymore on weeknights haha. Jpeg and Joe had just finished work and were starving - I'd already had dinner so I was just hanging out for dessert luckily for all of us Y2k cafe (which specialises in desserts) and Superbowl(which specialises in cantonese style food) both serve dishes at the same tables (they are next to each other). So Jpeg ate his fave bbq and rice, Joe had a pei-dan sul yuk jook (preserved egg and pork congee) and I got to try out the sweet tofu with puff pastry casing which was interesting and abit gimicky - like all hongkie things! Jpeg proceeded to entertain us with his stories and animiated hand actions - for some reason in this picture he looks like a pig. hee!!


Blogger jaysun said...

I like how you spelt "pei-dan sul yuk jook". I was reading your entry and when my eyes reached that section, I actually read it as the real thing, with canto accent and all!

9:53 pm  

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