August 15, 2005

weekend training

Weekend antics
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What did I do on the weekend?
"Training of course lah"

From top left: Friday PM - party training with the crew at Kuletos! Sunday AM - Mel and I after our paddle to South Head from Balmoral Beach (oh how the rich live!)
Sunday PM - Arvo paddle session out at Five Dock, that's the view from Voodoo's window where the canoes are stored under the carport.
Sunday PM - a cute vespa at Balmoral which also hosted the Mudgee Food and Wine Festival. We also hiked it up to Haberfield for the Italian festival too (gelato and gingerbread..yum!)

So yeah. you can manage to train and have some kind of life...even it is on the way and in between training.


Blogger G said...

oh god I LOVE that gingerbread.. so nice..

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