December 28, 2005


frangipani, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

How much do I love summer?! the weather has been fantastic - glowing shimmering days that bleed slowly into night at 8pmish. Yesterday was spent swimming in the crystal waters of Manly and Long Reef! Today the onslaught of sales began. I bought 1 pink handbag and 1 pink pair of 'upmarket' flipflops. They are rubber except the footstrap is leather haha.

The pic above is from my frangipani plant that Rita from work game me for xmas. I love it. Except it's meant to be pink. err i'm hoping it will change colour over time but I think that's wishful thinking...

Have a great holiday season and sucks to be you for those back at work! Will be thinking of you...


Blogger Marissa said...

I am one of those suckers back @ work. And it sux ... *sob*

10:40 am  
Blogger frangipaddle said...

Beautiful flower Glam... will bring back branches of the different coloured ones that are all around here :) !
see you soon x

8:49 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

oooh please bring back some pink ones and fruit salad ones!!

12:39 am  
Blogger G said...

You know, I would like summer a HELL of a lot more if I had air-conditioning at home. BLOODY HELL it gets hot in this house at the back. The crappy back extension is only fibro with a tin roof, and has the afternoon sun on it, so it gets ridiculously hot here. You feel the heat until the late hours of the night... it's really a weird experience walking from the double-brick front of the house to the fibro back of the house - you just hit a wave of heat. *sigh*

One day I'll have to rebuild the entire back section of this house. It's definitely planned - just need to raise a hell of a lot of cash *grumble* damn if only I'd won that 2 BILLION Euros Spanish Lottery that was drawn on Dec 22nd or 23rd.. droooooooool. Imagine what you could do with 2 billion dollars in your pocket... oh god I'd love it.

Anyway happy summer and new years to you and all your friends. Hope you have a great NYE.

6:32 pm  

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