December 18, 2005

sunday brunch

This morning a few of the girls and big dave went down to Kazbah in Balmain for brunch. As the website says it's a mixture of "North African, Moroccan & Middle Eastern inspired dishes, full of the aroma, flavour and spirit of these local cuisines" And it was tasty indeed!! We had a breakfast tagine that is served in a clay pot with a chimney on top, a potato fritter thingy with smoked salmon and sour cream, french toast with caramelised fig and double cream, and a yummy pancake. The smart thing is that we went for the bay run and a swim beforehand - so it was a guilt free brunch!

Later in the arvo, Red Ginger and I went down to Maroubra Beach. We had to go through a police ID check to get to the beach,
"What is your purpose here today?"
We were wearing our bikinis with frangipanis in our hair.
"Err going to the beach"
"Good on yas....What is that wooden stick in your back seat?"
"oh. my paddle"

Luckily he didn't confiscate it. he informed me that under new powers they can take anything that looks like a weapon. He told me not to bring it into beach areas - for once i can say i was glad that Balmoral is a white rich area and not a restricted beach area, otherwise there would be no paddling.

Later on, Mel and I saw the TV news and they showed some of the confiscated weapons -one was a wooden stick that had about 20 nails spikes sticking out of the top.
yeah, like my paddle is a weapon compared to THAT.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Kazbah is very yummy! Been there a few times for dinner but never for Breakky.

Anyway, let me know your plans for Friday Afternoon. Maybe we can do lunch. (muhahaaha more eating!)


1:40 pm  
Blogger frangipaddle said...

Yummo ! When's the next brunch ?? Is it your choice Glam??

8:42 pm  

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