December 05, 2005

party season

It's started. The party season has truly arrived and so has the summer weather (even the flies!)

Last Friday night was my work social xmas party. We had lots Seafood platters and lucky for me I was on a table with people who couldn’t be bothered to get their hands dirty to unpeel prawns and crack into the crabs. I had a ‘Splash’ moment where Darryl Hannah chomps into a lobster in restaurant. (Except I am not blonde and 6 foot with a flapping tail. But oh how I wished I was after I saw that movie!).

Saturday – DB race in Penrith. Got asked nicely (many times) to help out my ‘Nagas’ who were left short of female paddlers on the weekend. So I went and paddled and hung out in Penrith. It was my first DB race since…China last year! So many things have changed and yet nothing ever really changes – a few new faces, same old faces, same dirty jokes, and same build up of lactic acid in the forearms. And, unfortunately for my gut, the same Krispy Kremes afterwards!

Sunday arvo went to HT’s 30th Birthday Picnic in Centennial Park and in a spot completely away from the children’s picnic area! Except it was completely overrun by poodles. Imagine ten yapping manicured poodles trying to hump each other and running amuck. There was even a poodle dressed as Santa. But the picnic was great – lots of eating talking laughing swatting flies and chasing the shade. It was very educational too with HT teaching us pilates exercises, Jpeg teaching Ah Beng the correct technique to throw an aerobe (but failing miserably!) and Clinton teaching us the value of family connections to get 10% discounts at Thai restaurants.

The week ahead…
– crafty commitments (yes the scarves are FINALLY getting sent out)
- another work xmas party (karaoke anyone?!)
- farewell to Romykins
- weekend away to Mollymook for outrigger event.

- missing my partner in crimes ‘Red Ginger’ who is shopping it up in Thailand!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah lau..finally paddled? Hahah..


12:57 am  
Blogger Bex said...

Hi Tonee

Yes I finally did.

We saw a younger version of you at Penrith. He even had his collar flipped up like the poser that you are!

If we see him again we will take a photo of him and compare with photo of you haha.

2:53 pm  
Blogger YDG said...

Aw Man! This blog episode has made me really miss home! December party feel really captured. I'm looking at my social calender here and it's pretty bare ....
Monday - cleaning
Tuesday - Mandy drinks
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - CC and Ken exercise night
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - nothing
... oooh and then it's the week before Christmas .. and still NOTHING!
The only plus ? Not having to buy Christmas presents.

7:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah lau.. Younger version but not cooler version right? Everyone wants to be like me... sigh!

Tonee one and onlee

8:59 pm  

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