December 25, 2005


idog, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

This is our I-dog. We already have a real dog - the irrepressible Coco-san, but for some reason, Dad thinks having a i-dog is cool for Christmas.

Except it isn't.

It doesn't do any of the cool things that a dog does. I thought it would be abit like that Sony interactive dog that can walk and bark and stuff. All it can do is move it's head sideways and has a speaker coming out of it's back (a crap speaker too) and flash lights like a disco, which apparently indicates it's 'mood'. My brother has decided that our i-dog likes hiphop music. I have decided it's a piece of crap that would only have redeemed itself if the music came out of it's arse like the Mambo farting dog.

Merry Holiday Season!


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