November 28, 2005

We won! We won!

Our Flipside alliance of maramas (kittykat & Voodoo) and wahines (Red Ginger and Me) won the women's category of Sydney Urban Max adventure race! We weren't sprinting like the crazy running men in their short shorts, and we weren't the fittest looking bunch of girls there - so we were absolutely surprised when we found out that we came first in the womens division! It was SO MUCH FUN, we were laughing the whole way - even in the downpour! (every piece of clothing was wet even though I was wearing a fisherman yellow raincoat!) It just like being in the Real Amazing race, with people running to catch trains and get off trains and constantly looking over my back to see who is behind us. We even had a camera crew follow us around for a while! Here are the final results (which really should show us both teams as 'equal first' (except that poor Mel was hopping to the finish line with bung knee) but I don't care so much as we got cool prizes - kodak digital cameras and printers!


Blogger gnatski said...

OMG! You won the Sydney Amazing race!!! Where are the photos? What will you do with the cool prize? When is it showing on TV?! Does this mean you can tell us where a good place to eat is in the city near carrington st? I'm looking for somewhere open late at night during the week, that is pretty cheap (say $20 mains) but also good and is quick. Japanese preferable. thanks.

5:16 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

It wasn't THE amazing race haha it was similar and no it probably won't be on TV, more just promo stuff for the adventure company that ran the event...

10:00 pm  
Blogger G said...

woo hoo! YOU RULE!!!


10:08 pm  
Blogger Kitty Kat said...

And now I have a digital camera I can start my own blog and be cool like Glamarama! Woo hoo!
I won't need to feel guilty about emailing far flung friends ... my peeps can log in and catch up on my tres enthralling adventures (cough).
Thanks for finding out about the race Bex and signing us up!
As G says - we rock ... but you rock the mostest!

8:33 pm  
Blogger Kitty Kat said...

oops. we RULE.
actually that's far more fun.
righto! compulsory sexy shoes for all starting tomorrow. I don't care if they are uncomfortable ... some things are worth a small amount of pain ... and shoes are one of those things.

8:37 pm  
Blogger YDG said...

OH MI GOD you won!! (sorry, echoing Nat) CONGRATULATIONS! Heard you were the 'whip' of the team. How come?? I mean, how did you win?? Did you just know all the clues super fast? Or did you know how to work the public transport system well? Or were you the only girls running in the rain?
Well, no matter how, I WANNA BE ON YOUR TEAM NEXT YEAR!

10:47 am  

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