March 31, 2006

By any means possible!

Yeeehaw! Check out this pics from my race up in Port Stephens last weekend. Click on pics for more action.

I'm in seat 4 and we are surfing over a wave. We managed to catch up and overtake that team just ahead of us to snatch third place!

And pic below is me (well my foot) trying to change into the boat "By any means possible!" (to quote Miss Voodoo). 'Foot First' is probably what you would call my style. Everyone has their own style - Sensei for example, has a textbook change in looking like a seal. Slip in Slip out! (So elegant that it makes you want to through fish at her or a ball to balance on her nose to make it abit more difficult. ha! )Red Ginger is more from the Hook on with armpit style, KittyKat, on the other hand is nicknamed 'buttcrack' for her entry style...


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damn... that first photo is excellent

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