March 27, 2006

Same but different

It was Jpeg's birthday week celebrations - starting with peking duck feast for two at Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant (two thumbs up!), followed by drinks on Saturday night at the Triple 8 Bar in Chinatown (where we were entertained by Larry's yoga poses) and a little satay bbq lunch in the park on Sunday (dogs, smokey satays and the famous 'Larb'), finishing off with a not-so-quiet Sunday arvo/dinner at The 3 Weeds pub in Rozelle. (Note to Mars: they serve your St. Arnou Pils there - and it's must nicer than Boganville.)

In between all the eating, I drove up to Port Stephens and did a 3.5hours changes OC race on Saturday. It was fun, except same as last year, when the weather decided to rev it up just before our race, and so we were forced to do the entire race in the Bay (flat water and scenery doesn't change) , while later in the day the boys got to go out in the ocean around the islands (much more exciting and bigger waves). One of the race highlights was seeing dolphins jumping out of the water nearby, and our team came third!

and den?....I need a weekend to recover from this past weekend.


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