March 08, 2006


thumbsucker, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

After years of saying I'd go, and a false start on the Princess Bride night (it got rained out!) We finally made it to Moonlight Cinemas last night down in Centennial Park.

We watched Thumbsucker , which is about a 17 year old boy who still sucks his thumb. I hadn't heard much about the film, other than Keanu Reeves playing a Dentist/pyschologist - and it turned out to be a great black comedy. I didn't realise that so many big names were in it. Vince Vaughan, Tilda Swinton, Benjamin Bratt and that guy from Law&Order Criminal Intent. I recommend it and give it one thumbs up if you're in the video store looking for something to watch. (ha pun intended)

Three busloads of teenage kids from some school turned up to watch the movie and at first we didn't notice their presence until there was scene in the movie where the boy's parents start making out and all the kids were making icky noises about it 'eww gross'. I wasn't grossed out by it - they were because they associated with the main character - the 17 year old boy, then I realised that Keanu - my teenage heart throb (back in Point Break days) is 40 years old. Which means I am old.
When did I grow so old?! haha


Blogger YDG said...

40 ?! that's not old! Now you know you're old when you think 40 is not old!

11:09 am  
Blogger Ange said...

Oh my God, he's 40 - your joking, I must be really old now too!

12:11 pm  

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