March 05, 2006

more shopping...

pink bag

My quest for cute gym bag/overnight bag is over! Ever since Red Ginger brought back her stylin' Kenneth Cole one from San Fran. I thought it was time that I upgrade from my dodgy hand-me-down freebie travel agency bag.

Today Red Ginger and I went to DFO and she spotted this pink one for me at Strandbags. It was just the right size and saved me from buying a pink Lonsdale London gym bag (and also stopped me from becoming a label whore)

Red Ginger is now my official accessory shopper - first maui jim sunglasses, caps and visors, and gym bags! My next target is a clutch handbag!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice bag Becks! I should have went shopping with you guys... went and bought the Lonsdale Gym bag on the weekend myself! haha.. except I got the white one!


11:04 pm  

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