November 17, 2006

friday yay!

Happy Friday kids!
Random posts briefly -

Went indoor rockclimbing on during with week with Derek (aka 'Mini Lau')and the girls. I think I was even more awkward than him at 14! It was fun - they have a foosball table in the centre so if you're resting between climbs you can break out and have a few games. Some of the people there are abit too hardcore though - they look like they stepped out of a kathmandu catelogue! I guess that's what we look like when we step out of our canoes and dragonboats in our hardcore lycra outfits...NOT.

Shoes - time to go shopping for some new work shoes, two pairs of my favourite work shoes decided to cark it. One pink, One black! Farewell favourite shoes! Both were 3 years old!

New Deli open at work - new deli boasting 'Europian delights' opened up next door to work yesterday, today we ran down to get some sandwiches and handle every bit of produce that was in there. They even have Churros! HURRAH! Except I am banned from baked goods and chocolates until next week - self imposed due to expanding waist line!

Shout outs and good luck to the PD Wahines going to Cook Islands this weekend. Wish I was there paddling with you! Voodoo 'build that big foundation'! Means Girls are with you all the way even when you hit struggle town!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gotta go to the Cook Islands one day.

My grandmother Metu was a daughter of the last queen of the Cook Islands... Queen Makea. You can read about her and how she transferred the Cook Islands to British Rule 'cos she was afraid of a possible French invasion... at

One day I'll have to visit. Some of my aunts have gone there repeatedly in the past few years. Years ago... like 30 years ago.. they tried to get some of their land rights recognised but failed :( - other people had success and earn money from royalties that hotels etc pay for access to the land. I could've inherited a nice chunk of island somewhere if things had turned out differently :/ - DOH.

Ah well. I'd still like to visit. Maybe if I ever marry (that looks increasingly unlikely as I get older and more isolated) I could have a honeymoon there.... sounds nice eh? ..

9:45 pm  

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