November 06, 2006

sit back and relax...not (Part 1)

I wish every weekend could be like last weekend - relaxing, but most weekends are all about the go! go! go! Kinda like that toyota hilux ad where the guy tries to cram everything into '48 hours to live' in a weekend. I totally get that. I would like an extra 24 hours every weekend...

New Wheels Baby!
No more 'driving miss daisy' (aka my gold camry-ex-librarian company car), and welcome to my new car a subaru impreza hatch. The top one is the same colour (URBAN GREY hehe) and model as mine. The bottom one is Mel's mazda 3 with Wiki Wiki on the roof (yes i know 'wiks' is Very Long). They are not the same car, and we are not the same person. yet. And I am not having a SWF moment. har.

New Wheels? Bah!
Jpeg and I went to the Sydney Motor Show on saturday. It was abit disappointing. I was hoping for lots of concept cars and hot chicks in skimpy clothing. There was hardly any concept cars and even fewer hot chicks. It felt like an upmarket Auto Alley with dressed up car salesmen, NORMAL cars, and big flower arrangements. WTF? Clearly I have to go to Autosalon for something abit more entertaining.. eh. We took some 'fun' photos but not really that exciting.

A new Honda in sexy red lines (ooh la la!)

A fancy sports Proton (is there reallly such a thing?)

Pink scooter action!

Tiffy and the wheels that he wants for his new car.

Moving on
Voodoo moved out of Rodd Point and into a grand new room in Drummoyne. Rodd Point was one of our regular weekend hangouts -especially since we parked Wiki Wiki there, but all good things must come to an end, so farewell Rodd Point! We partied, ate, slept, baked, painted and laughed so much in that place but now it's time for new beginnings...Drummoyne House is looking swish and that new kitchen is going to be AWESOME!

Loading up the canoes on Rockstar's car


Blogger mich said...

Oh look! It's Very Hot Kar!! Seeing that car makes me miss home even more...

8:15 am  
Blogger Bex said...

hehe I was going to put "rockstar/ex-mich's car".

1:38 pm  

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