December 22, 2006


Just a quick note: NSW state DB crews were announced today and we're IN like FLYNN baby!!! Yippee! Voodoo, Red Ginger, Johann, Big Dave, Sensei , Tan Chan and me! We're going to rock the boat! Congrats to all everyone and too bad to those who didn't make it (like the chad who isn't even training but thought he might get in on his golf swing)

Tomorrow i'm doing the OC2 relay for 20 beaches from Palm Beach down to Manly. I hope it's a nice day and we get some swells!

Happy Holidays to everyone and don't forget to put some sunscreen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


However, I don't think I have to worry about the sun getting through the fog any time soon. And if it did, I'm sure the sun it only up for 15 minutes a day now anyway, so that's less that burn time.

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