January 22, 2007

stomping, fire and sweating and greys

Last week Voodoo and I skivved off training and went to see The Stomp Company - Lost and Found Orchestra showing at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Sydney Festival 07. It was fantastic - an assault on the sense with all the instruments made from found objects, bottles, pipes, trolleys. High production values and great music and entertainment value, especially when it was free! hehe!

On sunday we had our OC regatta up in Ettalong (on the central coast of NSW), and it was HOT. Try paddling in 40 degree dry heat for 1.5hours. Lucky this time I applied the 30+ sports sunscreen all over this time and so far haven't gotten burnt. The water was ice cold though, maybe 20 degrees. Jpeg's cousin is visiting from fiji and he couldn't believe how cold it was. I hate that bathwarm water they have in the sea over in Fiji, there's no relief from the heat. Nothing beats the heat like the ice cold ocean. I love it when it's so cold it takes your breathe away and makes your skin tingle and then you have to get out and lie in the sun to warm your body up again and then you plunge yourself back into the ocean when it gets too warm. That's one of my favourite parts of Sydney summer! But i digress.

Hot dry winds are ideal for bush fires and on the way back from the regatta we were coming back on the F3 and drove through a fire that was just starting in the national park near Berowra. The fire had jumped on the median strip and the bushes flared up just after we passed. We were lucky - the freeway was closed after we went through.

Just a note: I have finally finished season 2 of greys anatomy. I was living in a half reality for most of last week. Everyday I'd have to get my hit of 'greys' either before training, after dinner or on the weekend. It's seriously addictive and I'm glad there are only 28 episodes and not like 50 otherwise I would become a social recluse.



Blogger G said...

oh dear. I'm supposed to be watching Grey's Anatomy too! But I don't know if I can stand it... so far I've only watched episode 1, which was pretty good, but it's such a CHICK show :P

on the other hand I've got heaps of stuff that I have to get around to watching... then again I have all the time in the world :/

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