January 05, 2007

Hello 2007!

Like Hello. Welcome to a fab new year everyone!Been rather slack on the blogging lately but there's so many things i'd rather be doing than sitting here typing in front of this here computer! So many projects i want to do so little time and energy actually!

Holidays were fun - lots of eating sleeping resting playing shopping (try a 10 hour expedition to WBJ! that was my post xmas feed workout haha) Hope yours was as good.

Here's some random photos from the last week.

From top left: Mean Girls up to mischief on tour in Cairns - that's us after our bungy jump off the 50m tower and yes that's me in wet shirt after being dunked up to my waist at the bottom of the bungy! Leah at work having her 'monica' moment when the tube of coconut body lotion she was sniffing opened up from the not-so-sealed end as a result everyone in the office smelt like pina coladas. One Paul's hamburger with the lot down in Sylvania delish! KittyKat with her frangipani lei (belated happy bday candy girl!)Paul's hamburger sign - they are only open from thursday to sunday - which means they must make enough money to have 3 days off a week (what a life!), Bennifer eating his burger.


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