March 25, 2004

*new flash*

This morning I was happily crunching on my cereal whilst reading a magazine, until it stopped being crunchy. In fact it was soft and definately not the right texture. Instinctively I spat out the mouthful wondering if I had eaten some giveaway toy or something from the box. Until I remembered I wasn't eating a children's cereal with giveaways!! I was eating a sports cereal - shit! I looked down in horror to see floating in my bowl.. a HUGE MOTHERFUCKING BLACK COCKROACH. I reallly didnt want to believe that it had been in my mouth. I shrieked in my best girlie voice, ran to the sink and proceeded to spit and gargle a half a bottle of listerine. At first I was too busy screaming and crying to tell my parents what all the fuss was, they thought I was having a fit or a heart attack or something. I think my dad was trying his best not to laugh!!!!!!!! That's the last time I eat cereal! I'm sticking to bacon and egg rolls from now on :p~

So please people, the moral of this story is - ALWAYS check your cereal thoroughly before you eat!


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