March 30, 2004

WORD! Like the "mine Mine" seagulls from Nemo - last week was a pain in the ass...but it's looking up!!

It's a WRAP!!!!!!! Yes filming for XO men has finally finished. Talk about a monsterous epic effort. Never before has BCK films been so amateur professional with more than two people as crew and with real sound equipment! teehee! Now I have some form of weekend - AND there are no races on sunday which is abit sad but also makes me so happy because I have no commitments - I can sleep in and do whatever I want...maybe it's time to dye my hair blonde ;p

Anyways so many people to thank and to ask for forgiveness for my often tyrannical hissy fit ways - you all know who you are!

Meanwhile, am really pissed off at internet access at home. At first I thought it was AOL's crappy busy connection, then my parents said it was because the optus bill hadn't been paid, but then I paid it and now it's still not working. NOT HAPPY JAN. I am so going to get broadband!

What else - it was jpeg's birthday last week and we had a little bbq party for him on saturday night. He hasn't partied hard in a long time and so let him off his little leash (hahah I bluff!) and told him to have a good time. 21 hours of drinking and partying later, he finally came back. I think he was sweating out straight Jim Beam fumes. ewwww...

I"m going away to Mudgee on a planners conference tomorrow - will be back on friday. I dont know many people who are going but apparently it should be good *fun*. I'm staying in a B&B all by my lonesome.

Next week i'm goin to Perth! I can't believe how fast the last 3 months have gone - except for the last week which went by at a crawling pace. But now it's flying by! Can't believe it's all systems go!!!!

Oh last friday night, after much apprehension I went to see Sharon's Animal Farm production. I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be quite entertaining and the 'gay' farm house pigeon made my night hahha.. "coo cooo!"


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