May 16, 2004

Winners are Grinners!!!!

We are going to Shanghai BABY!! The results were post just now and all the corvu members have made it into the mens and womens national team!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Bring it on (plus 5 months of cold pain and misery training)!!!!


Blogger Marissa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! First one out of KS to represent Australia - I marvel at this feat! :D
Onya mate!

11:19 pm  
Blogger Wayne said...

Congratulations Bebekka! Represent girl like Mary Donaldson! =)
Damn, who really would have thought Beck would be the first KS Sporting Australian Representative. Is that ironic? (see miss universe blog) given that you have Shar (super sporty better than man), Marissa (smooth bball, secretly softball star) and YDG (I reckon I could beat y'all in anything).
Maybe I need to look into representing Australia in fashion design!

10:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that I'm not sporty, WaynEfur?! Hmmm?
The secret is that I'm in a sport that isnt professional and isn't popular and doesn't make money and isn't played by genetic freaks. And the fact that I have given up my social life for training. Which is unheard of by the rest of you ks PLEBS muhahahhaha ;-p

Thanks for the support...(i think).

10:51 am  
Blogger G said...

Creamy Beck - *YOU GO GIRL!* hehe.. hmm.. had to repeat that 'cos I don't get to say that too often (my friends convinced me that saying that phrase to myself all the time was 'A BAD THING' :( .. sigh )

SO.. Congratulations Rebecca!

I hope you kick some serious butt, and have a great time.. and all that kind of thing.

Hmm. This is pretty cool. Now I'll have heaps of wonderful things to read about on your blog! Oh yeah and great pics too!(make sure you take lots of photos of hot babes from other teams wearing their skimpy rowing gear :))) ) WOOHOO (yes I am so self-centred that I have to reflect on how this news affects me :) *smirk*

la di da...

hmm... this comment this is pretty cool yeah? I can write my own mini blog here

Did I tell you all that my weekend was totally boring? I'm stuck at home 'cos of my damn feet in bandages... I can't drive.. my walking-ability is diminished - I can only hobble. YET WHERE ARE ALL MY GOOD FRIENDS - DID THEY COME AND VISIT ME AND CHEER ME UP? BLOODY HELL NO.. utter utter utter bastards! hahaha.. ahh.. hehe

and to top it off! MUD WAS DOWN for a good part of the weekend too. WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

actually it wasn't that bad. I had the house to myself - ate lots of takeaway - which I'm a sucker for.. and..

oh .. er.. I should stop this comment here eh? yeah.. ok

12:12 pm  
Blogger G said...

hey uh.. just to tell you.. when I click on the 'view complete profile' it 404's.

dunno why

12:14 pm  
Blogger Marissa said...

Save me from this breeding ground for lawyers PLEASE! Totally NOT having fun here ... EDR, ADR, advocacy, negotiation, adversarial - who gives a crap. I want an early mark.

1:16 pm  

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