January 10, 2005

Ni Sa Bula!

I'm currently in Suva City sweating it out like the wicked witch from the west who melted. But at least there are no bed bugs in my new bed. My new insect bite count is 30. and that's 20 just on my left leg.

Yesterday I arrived back from Taveuni island- which thankfully cleared up and left us with a few beautiful HOT days of weather, and am now relaxing further in suva. except that jpeg isnt here. There a cyclone travelling past his island and so he's been stuck there until now, he's arriving on thursday which leaves me 2 days before i go home. *sigh* My only hope is that the boat trip goes well and he and his family get here safely.

I've decided that this trip is about me learning to spend time alone with myself and enjoy my own company, which i never really get a chance to do and always feel abit strange when i catch myself having conversations in my head haha. I caught the flight to fiji alone, flight back from taveuni alone, and today walked around suva city alone, watched a movie alone. all about aloneness. i've decided that i dont like it that much, because i tend to have ideas and bounce it off other people and like to chat etc, so i found it strange walking around trying to appreciate stuff without anyone with me. For instance i saw house of flying daggers and really enjoyed it etc etc and wished i could have talked to clinton or someone who appreciates films about which aspects i enjoyed, but instead i found myself walking around suva trying to not loook like a tourist while being a tourist. I didnt wat to attract too much attention to myself incase i got hassled by men.

I've been having nightmares since i've been to fiji - the little huts we stayed in taveuni had lots of louvre type windows and it was abit freaky because it is so windy at night and it picks up like at 1am at night a starts rattlig and howling.
And we were fairly close ot the road and people told us tha tkids had broken into the places to steal stuff before so i was paranoid that they might come whie we were sleeping so everynight was abit of a scare for me. (chicken me? yes) AND den... when i get back to suva i find out that there have been a few big men trying to break into the house while the family is still inside - even though they have 4 huge guard dogs...so i prefer to sleep calmly when the sun is shining but it's too darn hot!

when i can be bothered i will post up photos and do a show and tell. right now i'm going to bide by 3 more days and see what fun i can get up to!

Seeya soon :)


Blogger jaysun said...


I understand what you're going through, because like you, I am also constantly hassled by men.

Fiji has cheh-kai ISPs... so come home soon.

Sydney better lah...

8:37 pm  
Blogger elainers said...

hello there.. i'm depression! its terrible! wish you were here! :(
but holiday sounds fun and exciting! well.. kinda.. except for the you being alone so many many times partish. AND DEN, you should extend your stay and come to malaysia. not that theres any LESS mossies here *rolls eyes* thank goodies i have anti-yummie-very-yuckie blood. no mossie wants to suck me alive! YAYYY.. :)
actually, it hink you might be back in syd by the time you get this..

many loves

5:03 am  

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