December 29, 2004

Before and After...

The last 3 days of my holidays have been spent cleaning and moving furniture and running from place to place buying stuff for tifs not-so-queer-eye mini makeover!
BIG BIG BIG thanks to Johanna for all his drilling and lifting and shopping expertise! Thanks to shar for giving us updates on the cricket! (teehee!)

Happy New Year to you all - I'm off to Fiji for 2 weeks! See you when i get back (with a tan! yay! and probably a bigger gut! boo!)

The images on the left are before and the images on the right are after.

The stunning entertainment area before and after.

The room had an ecletic feel... and now it's more ikea
non-descript but over time i know it will have more of
their character (hopefully less of their dirt!).

The old sofa and window...the new entertainment area!

Joe despairs during the clean-up...and then gives a sigh of
relief at the end!

The bad dirty sofa (on the right) during our lunch break
and after covered up with our amazing bargain sofa cover (left).

Let's hope it stays that clean for at least the first month or two...
I could do this for a living...heeheehee!


Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Becksta Lau Walau!
Haha..I thoroughly enjoyed the mini-make over. You are not the tyrant you make out to be ;P Wish my friend had given me the proper drill bit and that would have truly made my life (and my ears!) easier! Oh well, alls well that ends well..
So when are you getting an appt so we can do a proper one? Faster lah!
Shure you can do this for a living? Haha.. Beck and Joe's $400 budget make overs?

Have fun in Fiji! Don't rub it in!


5:23 pm  
Blogger Marissa said...

It's like Backyard Bliz + Queer Eye + Extreme Makeover. Looks very impressive. Make sure you capture PDF's reaction.

9:18 am  

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