December 16, 2004

First Gym Session in Two Months.

Yes, I finally bit the bullet and went to the gym this morning. It's been almost two months since my start of my trip to china and the last time I entered the oestrogen filled rooms of 'Natural Woman' gym. I felt abit lost because I didnt really want to follow my old gym program, since I'm not aiming to bulk up. But in the end it was kind of auto pilot mode - so i did the same exercises only not as heavy. Gotta get in shape if I'm going to be walking around most days in Fiji by the pool/waterfall/beach in a bikini! I can feel my muscles skrinking and my fat cells GROWING (must be all that pork crackling from the weekend!)

Fave things this week: Cherries!...Ikea pink shoes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh noticed the pink craze.. you made your whole blog PINK!

Good on you for going to the gym- at least you dont have Jason hounding you to go to circuit class (be thankful :P) .. Im still recovering from Tuesday's session with the absolutely crazy instructor!

Anyway IKEA on sunday!! YAY! perhaps there will be something cool for my room too :P


1:24 pm  
Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Ikea! Yeah!
Was watching 'fight club' the other night, and remembered how Edward Norton's character's apartment was fully furnished by IKEA. Isn't that somehow like your room Syl?


Gym! Nice one..'And that's all I have to say about that' Forest Gump. Admit it! You missed the monthly tests!


5:38 pm  

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