December 13, 2004

Merry Sing Star!
Over the weekend I went to two Xmas parties � both were filled with the off key tunes of people (mostly me) in a song battle on SingStar. It�s a very cool game � like karaoke but so much harder because you get scored and so much more competitive! Oh So Asian! For a mini karaoke experience here's a link to Tiffany "I think we're alone now". And I just did a search and found out it was a cover of the original 1960s song by some boy band. *gasp*

The KK loots for $15 were really impressive! The funniest gift was the mini USB Christmas tree! Geeks! We played the game where you steal each other�s presents until everyone is satisfied with their present, so the gift giving continued for about 1 hour! I managed to score 1 pooping santa, and two new drink bottles! Which is quite timely � there was mould growing in my favourite Sydney Olympics bottle (I didn�t realise this until I was drinking out of it in china � eeeww!). One bottle is a very cute oversized Starbucks one from my good friend with lots of �potential� Johann. And the other was a very practical avanti one for hiking and sports from the now "officially on holidays" Dr. Goh (aka Mrs Leo junior).

Surfer Girl.
After watching Blue Crush like 3 years ago � Mel and I finally did a surfing lesson on the weekend. We trekked down to �The Shire� and find ourselves in a class with 15 year old girls who had also been lured by the free ripcurl tshirt promotion. After about 1 hour of learning, I finally managed to stand for about 2 seconds on a wave and that�s as close as I got to surfing! The illusion of looking cool like the surfer girls in Blue Crush was somewhat shattered when I kept tripping over my own board leash and dropping my cumbersome foam board.

Mmmm�.Hot Chocolate�

On Friday, Mel and I went to the Lindt Chocolate Caf� in Martin Place. The hot chocolate was divine!! Maybe it�s a good thing I work so far away from the city�the temptation would be too great.


Blogger Sharlene said...

Go singstar! "....Where I can run just as fast as I can, To the middle of nowhere, To the middle of my frustrated fears, And I swear, You're just like a pill...." *cough*cough*

And you gotta love the Tiffany song, gotta get that freestyler section down pat, then I'm coming for ya, Lou! :)

12:38 pm  

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