December 21, 2004

Photo Crime: Dog Day Afternoon!
Last Saturday, we went down to Bicentennial Park for Monty's (mandy and wayne's snobby dog who hates all other dogs!) 3rd birthday. After abit of inspiration from another blog, I baked him a dog cake with carrots, honey, eggs, peanut butter and all dogs favourite sneaky treat - cottage cheese! At first they were all growling at each other, but after a bit of butt sniffing they were all okay and just ignored each other... at least the humans had some fun.
From Top Left: Monty, Monty eating cake, my dog Coco hoes into a piece, fluffy 'Lucky', The friendly giant - Buddy, and Coco lovin' the cheesey icing.


Blogger PKD said...

And I knelt at its edge on the counter
Wiped the tears away and looked
Well, the light in there was blinding
Full of God and ghosts of truth

6:21 pm  

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