February 20, 2005

The Pink Ladies!
Jay-sun organised THE first ever Badmington Competition that i've ever been to or played in! It was a great afternoon, highly successful and very entertaining (especially Jay-sun and his John McEnroe-esq court side antics!) Tracey and I decided to wear a team uniform of pink and white so that we would at least look good because neither of us can actually play! And no we didnt win, but then there was no final because we ran out of time and they turned the lights off at exactly 7pm. (BASTARDS!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooooooh noice outfit girls!
Go the PINK!

Wish I couldve been there to cheer you on. Too bad about the lights turning off but I guess no one really wanted 1st prize from jay-sun huh?


4:33 pm  
Blogger jaysun said...


Sylvia, if you were there, you would've seen everyone trying so hard to win. They cheated and bribed the empires and all... everyone wanted to win.

Especially HT... but he doesn't have to win anything to get my prize...

5:47 pm  

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