January 25, 2005

Some of you might recall the various stories I have told about insects invading my otherwise peaceful suburban existence. Bird lice, cockroaches etc, well now I can add Ant farm to the list. During summer there is the occassional ant trail that somehow gets into my house. We usually spray them off, except for tonight, when I noticed the ants were around my computer desk, on it and then when I went to change batteries in my wireless mouse thingy - i found an ant farm living inside the battery recharger thingy. Not just a few ants, like a few hundred ants who were laying eggs and getting ready to take over our computer!! I get itchy just thinking about it. So my dad and I spent half an hour cleaning out this little thing the size of the mouse and almost covered the sink with dead ants and eggs.

So here is my little dedication to them. (in the bad style of phoebe)


Little Ants, Little Ants
What are you doing here?
Little Ants, Little Ants
I know it's not your fault
But you chose the wrong place
You're obviously trying to make a living
Start a family (of a million of so)
But now you're dead because I killed you with poison
You shouldn't have chosen my computer mouse thingy
I'm sorry.
Little Ants, Little Ants (and unborn babies)
now you're dead ants.


Blogger elainers said...

in the event where you have an ant crawling up your arm, take a pillow, chuck it over the ant, and suffocate the bugger.

otherwise,flick it onto your sock where the fumes will gently put it to sleep *evil laughter*

but i find the best way to kill ants, is to feed them to your dogs. i'm sure the tasty and chewy structure of the ant provides for a healthy alternative to bones.

huge fan of your song. now i'm left singing it in my head. over and over and over... and over and over again. thanx..

12:29 am  
Blogger jaysun said...

Now I know why you left me hanging all of a sudden in MSN last night, after I posted one of my finest entry in ahbeng.net.

Your Little Ant songs is first class. Hornee Monkee enjoyed it and has instructed me to also make up a song in a similar fashion...

I will call it "KuKu Jiao".

"Kukujiao... kukujiao...
Where are you kukujiao?"

Stay tuned...

9:45 am  
Blogger Wayne said...

Itchy itchy, I can feel the itch already thinking about it. I hate ants.
That's not a poem, it doesn't even rhyme! ha

Little Ants, Little Ants
What are you doing here?
Little Ants, Little Ants
You have much to fear.

Little Ants, Little Ants
You make me itch
Little Ants, Little Ants
Life's a bitch

Little Ants, Little Ants,
You must Die!
Little Ants, Little Ants,
Sayonara, Goodbye!

3:49 pm  
Blogger elainers said...

suddenly everyones a poet! its amazing!


i must debate
that i relate
to the sad fate
of how ants are great

i have prayed
they will decade
some have strayed
they aren't afraid

oh i have sprayed
they do not fade
i could use a blade
or a band aid

i can't escape
the huge cascade
the ants invade
my time delayed

-that is all- thank you. all donations to go to the beck-has-an-ant-farm-and-it-has-been-mass-murdered-please-help-pay-for-burial-services-tombstones-are-expensive fund.

10:38 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

spanks for all the great contributions.
HOWEVER, the little ants tribute is more in the style of a song like how phoebe sings "smelly cat" and therefore is not required to rhyme. (why do people think poems have to rhyme, that is so highschool ;p)

1:25 pm  
Blogger G said...

yes that reminded me of Phoebe right away. That also reminds me.. when does "Joey" start. I wonder if that show will be any good... I guess I'll just have to watch it and see.

What is it with you and insects anyway? This story is much nicer than the cockroach-in-breakfast-cereal story though... at least you weren't EATING the ants eh???

6:02 am  

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