February 03, 2005

Been feeling a little blue lately.
I know it's because I'm missing Jpeg BUT I also include missing the everyday endorphins from exercise, my muscle tone and fitting into the new Diesel jeans I bought in HK that fit only a few months ago. And so today ... I dyed my hair, got a haircut, bought some bling bling earrings and a new top (pink of course). haha! I bet you all thought I was going to say I was going to go back to training and hit the water. Well, yeah I will do that soon too, but I needed an immediate miracle! I'm really glad I fixed my hair - I resisted paying the $100 for a long time - by dyeing my own hair with home kit dye, but I ended up looking abit like a tabby cat that had gone thru the mud. And so I handed over the cash and pointed to SMG's haircut and said "I WANT!". Don't worry, I'm not blonde. Infact I'm less blonde than before, har har!

Last night I played bball since the holiday break and to be honest I felt like SHIT afterwards. I was really frustrated at myself, and I remembered feeling this way everytime after a game and getting really upset when i didnt play well. I think it's because I know I can play better. When I first started playing I didnt even know the rules or how to pass the ball and our team used to score 2 points on a 'lucky' game. So my resolution for this new year is to improve my game and try and get an average of 6 points a game! (trust me, six is ambitious!). My other resolution is to stop being a bully to my friends, so far it has been very unsuccessful, I often catch myself saying things that are just nasty and mean and very very highschool/'heathers'. So if you catch me in the act please tell me to stop being a bully. There is a difference between a bitch and a bully though, I dont mind being a bitch to people who deserve it though! I 'd much rather be known as an 'assertive bitch' rather than a 'mean bitch'. hee!

PS> Mars, don't worry - I will always cut you down and make you stumpy when I think your head is getting too big (<--- har!)

PPS> shout out to Miss Superfit Sylvioso, go the gym-action girlfriend! (btw are we popping or what?!)


Blogger jaysun said...

Money spent on hair is money well spent in my book. While you can always hide most of your bodily imperfections with make up or clothes, you can't really hide bad hair (unless you wear cap/hat at all times).

And while Miss Santoso is super-fit and toned, I feel it's only fair that I get some of the credit, as it was me who encouraged her to get her ass to Fitness First and do the circuit classes with me!

I'm slowly working on Natty, so soon she'll be super fit and toned too.

I can't say the same for myself... I think I'm too used to the training and must push it up a notch.

11:54 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

You just miss your hut mung mung personal trainer from the States! I bet he used to squeeze your buttocks to motivate you! ;-p

11:57 pm  
Blogger jaysun said...

He actually showed me his... and said if you want to look like this... give me ten more reps.

And I would give the black mofo 20!

11:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the shout-out (& compliments). Sorry to have been a bit quiet this week (work finally picked up and I've been pre-occupied witht my NEW laptop :D) we are definitely still POPPING away. (BTW Jason installed Photoshop so i'll be in action soon :P)

To the crew -
Beck and Syl present V-DAY POPP!
Date: To be announced.

We'd better get cracking!


10:17 am  
Blogger Tonee said...

WHat Jason? You gave the black mofo trainer of yours 20 reps of buttock action??? Love your blog too by the way...

Beck, WHat happened to you biceps and triceps which you should me here in HK?? I remembered thinking...damn those are bigger than mine.. so I'm back in the gym (but no buttock action from a black trainer.. Only puny, scrawny Hongky trainedand hitting the water. There's a ex Dragon Blades paddler on my team too..

Syll.. How come u organising POPP party for V Day?? Haven't u got a romantic candle lit dinner followed by some under the sheets action with your new man???

Tony teh Hongky (Beck..where's the pic??)

3:38 pm  

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