May 12, 2005

Life is sweet...

No matter how sour life gotta remember to savour the sweet bits!

These are Gregan's birthday cupcakes that i baked for his little buffet dinner party (note to self: if it's a buffet, there's probably already dessert). I tried to make them his fave colour bluey-green, but instead ended up with green, blue and ...ahem. pink. Yay to Cherie for her excellent camera skills.


Blogger Santos said...

hi bex--you probably already know i'm a sucker for sprinkles, but these are exceptionally pretty. i love the purple and green combo, it reminds me of violets.

1:47 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Thanks Santos! I'm a sucker for sprinkles too! Even if they're on fairy bread!

12:00 am  

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