October 07, 2005

Bon Voyage!

So the old KS gang are leaving today to meet up with YDG in the UK tonight. It makes me sad that I'm not going to be there for YDG's big 3-0 birthday! The picture here is the 'gravel rash bunny'. I don't recall why it was named that but it was YDG's fave for a little while on her RED wallet of punishment...which has since been replaced by a pink one.

So have a safe trip and have a great time!! My tips are:
1. try not to bite each other's heads off in your passive aggressive ways.
2. remember that you dont have to do EVERYTHING together - can split off into smaller groups and meet up at end of day and...
3. no sleeping with strangers (unless they are really cute). and
4. what goes on tour stays on tour!


Blogger YDG said...

LOL!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THIS PHOTO FROM?!?! Ahhh the memories... can you send it to me? My screen captured version doesn't do so well .. I want it to be my desktop pic. So many things I've forgotten!!
*the very existance of gravel-rash bunny pill sticker
*the red wallet of punishment

Well, I am waiting here with barely contained excitement re: impending arrival of K3, certainly has been a lot of planning and speculating in the lead up. Will try to keep points 2 and 3 together. I think point 1 will be inevitable, and point 4 - but Sharing is caring, right?

6:29 pm  

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