September 19, 2005

counting down the days...

4 days until hawaii!

Another typical weekend of training - abit windy, abit choppy, abit fripple-y and then some tasty bacon and egg rolls for brunch (bikini diet endorsed). Plus lots of talk about hawaii this hawaii that.

So I've been training up practically since the start of this year - what am I going to do AFTER i come back from Hawaii? Plenty.

1. Keep paddling - the local OC and Dragonboat competition season starts, and it will be SUMMER so I wont have to train in thermals. woohoo!

2. Clean my room. HA HA

3. Craft it up. Christmas gifts, scarves, bags, baking, gardening. I'm going to be all Martha Stewart/ Donna Hay. But not overcommit.

4. SURF. I"m going ot hit the beach and try to be a surfer girl. at least once.

5. Help the needy - all my friends in need of interior/wardrobe makeovers. haha

6. Learn to cook some chinese dishes from my mum.

7. Do all my photos from all my previous holidays into some sort of album!

What are you going to do this summer?


Blogger Kitty Kat said...

Snap snap snap snap snap!
Except my Skippy mum is not a particularly good cook - instead I am going to actually try some of the recipes that I get delivered to my door every month in Gorumet Traveller. So a few dinner parties are coming up.
I think I will also start my own blog. It will probably feature too much HelloKitty for the average reader but will make me happy.

3:39 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Yes. it will be like my life was put on hold and after hawaii it will be back. except for that whole hawkesbury canoe classic race thingy...

4:47 pm  

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