September 11, 2005

water! wind! fire!

This weekend's post is brought to you by the three elements.

Yesterday we did our only Molokai race simulation which was meant to go for 5 hours of paddling with 5 x 10-15 minutes breaks inbetween. All was going well up to the 4th session when we were turning out from Shelly Beach and heading toward North Head to go back into Balmoral, when we flipped. I was in seat 5 so i saw all the action, unfortunately a wave hit us on the ama (outrigger) side and i could see the ama in the air and then we were in the chilly water within 3 seconds. Normally when you flip you just flip the boat back over and bail out the water and get in and paddle, except that the waves were quite large and the boat was submerged. It wasn't until we were back on dry land that we realised the floation tank at the back of the boat was missing a plug,and was filled with water instead of air. Anyhow we had to get towed in by a boat that happened to stop to see if we were okay. it was abit disappointing to not be able to finish the five hours, but we're confident that everyone is able to complete the 5 hours.

It wasn't until about 4 hours later when i was getting ready for dinner that I noticed the searing pain on my arms...sunburnt!! Yes it was a glorious 25 degrees during the day and I had been was wearing a rashie top with short sleeves, now I have attractive red skin from my wrists up to my triceps - like red gloves. ha ha.

Last night was the highly anticipated chilli crab night (not for marissa's birthday he he) at Temasek. I forgot how HOT malaysians like their chilli. HOT - Like Burning. So Trace and I decided to ask for the milder version, which was slightly less hot, but too hot for poor Sharon. The rest of the farkers ate chilli through their pores. Shar was still eating long after I had waved my white napkin of surrender at the offending dishes. So much Chilli in everything - I could feel it waging war in my stomach. But i was prepared for the attack - Extra Strength Mylanta tablets - the perfect defence. That intense relief....And no chilli butt. The perfect end to the weekend. And i got to sleep in coz there was no sunday training!


Blogger Sharlene said...

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I lurve it!! It was soo hot my lips were burning! Although, I must say, the next day, my stomach was, indeed, making alot of noise.

Thank goodness it wasn't the runny, chilli butt, it just turned out to be good shit. :)

10:47 am  
Blogger Bex said...

your shit was bananas? B-A-N-A-N-A-S? hehe

9:45 am  

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