September 14, 2005

12 things to do in 12 days

Only 8 days to go til I say ALOHA!

Here's my list of things I wanna do while I'm in Hawaii.

1. Surf on a long board (or at least attempt to)

2. Pose on North Shore Pipe Line beach in the style of Blue Crush (possibly in bikini)

3. Go to a Luau and learn a little hula

4. Try some local cuisine including poke, loco moco, Malasadas - fried Hawaiian donut (originally from Portugal) and Hawaiian Shaved Ice

5. Buy a Kukui Nut lei and bracelet

6. Drive around in an open top Jeep listening to Bob Marley’s “Could you be loved”.

7. Shop til I drop at Waikele Premium Outlets!

8. See a sea turtle while snorkelling.

9. Try on a Mumu

10. Get a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage
11. Check out the Outrigger Club on Waikiki Beach.

And most importantly...

12. Finish Molokai Channel Crossing with my kick ass team in under 8 hours and not be the last team back to shore out of 37 teams (that includes the wooden Koa Class boats!)


Anonymous Mish said...

No way will u come last Bec.. not with the kick-ass pd chick crew u got there. Man I wish I was going.. make sure u get tonnes of pics (with those hot hawaii dudes) to post up on the web OK!!

6:58 pm  

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