September 16, 2005


This morning was my last friday morning gym session before hawaii. yay! Anyhow I was doing my usual 'can't do a chin up but going to try' routine at Globo Gym at Rockdale, when one of the personal trainers (that is always there) came up for a chat. He said he had seen me around and had been trying to guess what kind of sport I was training for. His first guess, Basketball. HA HA. I dont even use the treadmill, brother! And I really dont do enough leg strengthening workouts. Maybe he got swayed by my shiny purple basketball shorts that I occasionally wear. Anyhow I told him about my big race and he was suitably impressed and asked if i was training full time or working as well etc etc. He didn't even try to offer his personal training service. ha. I was waiting for him to casually throw that in.

Anyhow it got me thinking - am I starting to look like an athelete, finally?! *squeals of delight* (secretly I wish I did, but really i think the answer is that he sees me training all the time and it's not quantum leap to figure that I must be training for 'something'.)


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