October 18, 2005

craft adventures

Yes i'm back on the craft wagon. Since I've been back I've completed Kim's cranberry pink 'ribbed for her pleasure' scarf (oooh la la) with extra long fringing.(top left)

I've also finally finished Mel's purple furry balmoral beach "thin and thick headache" scarf - so named because it was thin on one end and thicker on the other and gave me a headache when i had to 'frog' ('rip it') it and redo half of the scarf! I also spent a fair amount of time knitting it at Balmoral Beach breakfasts after training (much to the amusement of my team). But it's all finished now and will definately keep her warm on the way to work...NEXT winter! Sorry for belated birthday presents!

What else have i been doing? Dabbling in baking and making. I successfully made chocolate covered pretzels! Yes the secret was to add oil and not dairy products (but chocolate has dairy in it?!) to maintain runny texture. They were great but abit time consuming. Would save effort and money and just buy box of Pocky (chocolate covered pretzel sticks) from asian grocery - though they are not as salty or crunchy.

Last weekend I made Pineapple Pie for Jpeg. I rushed into the pie making using an american internet recipe and not the official "jpeg's mum's pineapple pie" recipe from Fiji. So he wasn't that impressed - his helpful comments were "not enough crust to filling ratio". okay thanks. The pie looked cute with the basketweave top, but next time I will have to make the pastry from scratch (not that frozen stuff). Anyhow I will probably be making the 'official pineapple pie' in the next few weeks.

Next on craft agenda is - jewellery making, handbag sewing and more scarves! I'm getting tired just thinking about it!

PS. the other pictures were taken at the dodgy crabshack last weekend. Chad talks about himself to himself. HT lovin' himself. "give it to me hardboy!!"


Blogger jaysun said...

HT really means it when he says he's f**king himself...

11:28 pm  
Blogger G said...

oooh pie! that pie looks REALLY scrumptious!

and pie > cake.

1:17 am  
Blogger Bex said...

sometimes pie>cake. americans lurve their sweet pies, but we dont get them so much here. I still prefer a good cake over a pie. Sometimes pie is too sickly sweet.
lemon meringue pie>sponge cake
chocolate cake>lemon meringue pie
apple pie > caramel mud cake
caramel mud cake > pecan pie

but reallly it depends on what mood i'm in, and quality of assorted cakes and pies

12:17 am  

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