October 17, 2005

smelling like an island.

My package arrived today!

When I was in Macy’s in Hawaii I noticed a perfume called “Island” by Michael Kors. I sniffed it and put it on my ‘things to buy before the end of my trip’ list. Which invariably turns into ‘things I forgot to buy’. Anyhow I saw it on strawberrynet.com and got it with free delivery (I love that!). The reason I’m loving my new perfume is that it captures the essence of my Hawaiian holiday. Cue the soothing sounds of waves (I bet the Michael Kors marketing department are pumping their fists in victory). Just read the description on Sephora.

The Ultimate Getaway. The New Fragrance for Women.

A chic and relaxed attitude to last all year long. A sparkling, lush, and radiant fragrance of humid florals and tropical waters.
Notes: Kauai Waterfalls, Oxygenated Water, Chinese Kiwi, Hydroponic Honeysuckle, Parrot Tulip, Champaca Flowers, Ginger Lilies, Bulgarian Rose, Stephanotis, White Bark Accord, Galapagos Driftwood.
Style: Sparkling. Lush. Radiant.

That’s me! That’s where I want to be – a sparking, lush, radiant island hopping jet setter. And that’s after I smelt it and before I read anything about it. You have to laugh at the evocative marketing talk – sucked me right in! ‘Kauai waterfalls’ we stayed on that Island and bathed in spring water that came from said ‘waterfalls’ (except there were big signs warning us not to drink it as it had high levels of bacteria in it which would now be bottled into a perfume). I don’t know how they capture essence of ‘galapagos driftwood’ though.


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