October 10, 2005


Travelling pants.
This morning I wore my new brown pants from The Gap. They are truly a fantastic fit and the length is perfect and I have even thrown out my old light brown pair to make room in the wardrobe for this new pair. I even wore high heels with my pants, which is a rare. Me and my new pants were going great until about 10.30am when my right heel got caught in the cuffed hem of the left leg, whilst i was walking and put me off balance and sent me flying to the floor. So yeah I have a funny walk :P . I gracefully picked myself up, since no one else even offered me a HAND! The cuff is ripped and I am okay. my relationship with my pants is abit bruised, but I promised to wear flats, and my pants promised to continue to make me look good.

Which reminds me - on the plane we watched 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants'. Talk about a teenage sob fest. Our whole team of girls were all teary eyed afterwards! I think it's going in the category of Films you should only watch on planes or on Free to Air TV. Which also included 'Herbie' and 'Monster in Law'.

Familiar Aches
Went to first session back on Sunday - against a massive head wind AND in seat 1! I NEVER sit in Seat 1, but there I was, being a useful windblock to the rest of the boat :P I swear we were almost going backwards at one stage. Nice way to ease my way back into training. Only two weeks to go until Hawkesbury Classic. 9 hours of paddling in the dark.

Chocolate Pretzel Muffin
When we were on Kaua'i there was a little chocolate shop that made great Chocolate Pretzels. Basically they're just hard pretzels dipped in chocolated. I had heard that chocolate pretzels were a thing to behold with just a right amount of sweet, salt and crunch. And they were! Anyhow I tried to re-create the magic of hawaii :p and tried my hand at it at home. I melted the chocolate and dipped about 4 pretzels and was thinking it's taking so freaken long, as the chocolate is quite thick and wouldn't 'drip off' the pretzels fast enough for my liking. Anyhow I ruined about 2 blocks of chocolate because I tried to thin out the chocolate with cream or milk and well the chocolate seized up and was unworkable. So I had 5 chocolate dipped pretzels and 2 blocks of ruined chocolate. The chocolate didnt go to waste though - i made some chocolate banana muffins. Chunks of dark chocolate. YUM! Anyhow I might try it again sometime - i read a recipe that uses fat instead. might have to do some investigating.


Blogger YDG said...

OHMIGOD how did I miss so much entertainment? Have just caught up on your blog, but didn't want to comment individually because you'd miss them all. SO in point form :-
* Fully empathise with the highheel in cuff PK. Though couldn't help laughing anyway. And a pair of brown pants that are flattering? That's just SOLID GOLD! Hang onto them!
* How do you get your chocolate to stick to anything? It always slides off whatever I'm trying to coat with it.
* Man, you must be fit as! atm ... where are some close up pics?!? I want to check out your abs and glutes and pecs and traps!!!
* I have to comment on that wallet site separately.
* Like your craft focus for the leadup to Christmas. Where you find the time for it, I don't know. I can't even update my own blog or fix up my photos!! Am I still getting a scarrrffffffff for my bday?!!
* Hawkesbury classic.. I didn't know you could do that race in anything you wanted. . I thought they were fixed boats! Huh! You learn something every day.

6:24 pm  
Blogger G said...

Please stop watching teenage sob fest CRAP MOVIES. It insults me to have friends who have watched it. Really.

Chocolate pretzels eh.. sounds interesting. Work your magic and let me try one sometime!

11:12 pm  
Blogger jaysun said...

Sorry Gregan, but while I was coming back from Malaysia I too watched "Sisters of the Travelling Pants".

At first, I misread the title and thought it was "Sisters of the Travelling Underpants".

I watched the movie, and close to the end, the MAS pilot decided to can it and force everyone to watch the "Welcome to Australia" video instead.

So whatever did happen in the end? I was at the point where the big booty latina was telling her dad off (the guy who tried to take Adam Sandler's fortune in "Billy Madison").

11:30 pm  
Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

Pants: Haha..I laugh at your shame. Roll on the floor laughing kind. You know I'd do it! Haha..

Why were you wearing high heels anyway! You are a giant Beck, were you trying to look down at someone? I think you do that anyway!

If you cleaned your room, you'd have room for more exciting stuff. Stop hoarding!

Chocolate: Gimme gimme. I betcha you ate all the ruined chocolate didn't you! Hehe..I would have..


9:15 pm  

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