October 24, 2005

Hello! I'm alive! We completed the Hawkesbury Classic in just under 11 hours. It was definately an excellent experience and a fun crew to paddle with! Tick that one off the list of greatest hits haha.

Here are some
results if you care to check ...i don't really understand them - but all i know is that we set a new record with a 12 man canoe! And there's probably a course map if you reallly want to know how far we went.

Top 10 Race highlights include:

1. Leaving my house at 7am to get to Windsor by 10am, and having to entertain ourselves until ..6pm!
2. Getting my back cracked by physios on hand. before and after the race. OH SO GOOD! I wish I had my own personal back cracker! I honestly think it has saved me alot of post race pains! Oh to be a professional athlete!
3. Paddling in OC12 amongst single craft was a riot - my favourite reaction was something like "shit you guys are loud!" ".
4. Kanoe Karaoke. I sang for most of the 11 hours - when i wasn't eating or drinking, I was singing, sometimes in tune, but mostly out and sometimes making up the words...we had to speed some ballads up to keep up with stroke rate. We even took requests from passersby. We went from 60s all the way to 'my humps my humps my humps myhumps'. My favourite renditions included 'eye of the tiger', 'instrumental theme from Rocky', 'Mr Sandman - barbershop quartet version' and midnight 'Bohemian Rapshody'. I honestly tried to sing every word to 'Ice Ice Baby' , but no one else joined in , so i gave up. I think the singing literally kept me awake and help to keep everyone's spirits up.
5. 'Kill Joy Honey Joys'.Kittykat's Rock solid honey joys required so much energy to crunch that it almost took the focus off the pain...only just.
6. Support crew - our crew of three Christian, Betty and Thien were fantastic! couldn't have survived without them!!
7. Didn't have to pee in the boat - managed to survive with 2 pitstops one 4 hours into race, then 3 hours. A few of the girls and guys used the bailer to pee...full moon on the river haha.
8. Offering nipple stickers to all the boys to reduce chaffing from lifevest- then Ed pulls out his own waterproof SEE THRU ones, blew my 'nippless' pack out of the water! heeheee!
9. Seeing falling stars in the sky (i wished that the race would finish sooner!) The weather was perfect, no winds, no rain - clear skies in some parts and lots of green glow sticks (on the back of canoes) , stars and bonfires along the riverbank.
10. Crossing the finish line in daylight and knowing that I wouldn't have to paddle that distance for a long long time.


Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

U don't need nipple stickers mate. Ure'z definately cut through glass! Haha..

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