February 08, 2006

counting down the days...

Hellish day at work - oh yes, the joys of counter duty. I guess it's good to be super busy - new pedometer (that came with my new digital scales) indicates that I have walked 6.3km so far today up and down those stairs. EEEk. I swear I just heard a rat run through the air-conditioning duct above my desk. Distinctly heard the pitterpatter of vermin like feet from the left ear to my right ear!

Am in crappy mood because sleep was interrupted at 5am this morning to the sounds of my dog retching up bits of watermelon skin (ask my mother, it has nothing to do with me). So very unpleasant, especially when i went out to check on Coco and stepped in a patch of regurgitated watermelon...

But I don't care so much because in two weekend's time I will be sunning myself on the Gold Coast. A bunch of us are going to Movie World - to check out Superman rollarcoaster (100kms/hr in 2 seconds!) and indulge in some movie magic (ooh matrix exhibit). Can't wait!


Blogger G said...

Poor doggy. You should cherish him in this year of the dog! Or maybe not. I don't know how these things work...

and... gold coast eh? COOL! I hope you have a great time! How long are you going for?

oh and rats aren't so bad are they? I stepped on a cockroach in my bare feet tonight - now THAT was disgusting. Damn... now I've reminded myself of it. At least rats are soft and furry and probably taste nice too? hehe... I'd try one if I had the chance.

fat chance of getting me to try eating a cockroach though... YUCK.

12:16 am  
Anonymous Kim said...

Hi Becky

Very jealous that you are heady up north for even more sun. Save some for the rest of us :)

x kim

3:12 am  

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