January 18, 2006

shopping for love

No, I'm not Shopping for Love, but I'm becoming addicted to this bad dating show just like the uni-student staple soapie 'Breakers' (now defunct).

The premise of Shopping for Love, is two contestants have 20 minutes and $1000 to shop for gifts for the dater and then the dater chooses the person they want to date based on their choice of gifts. It's set in Melbourne and is the perfect contrast to how Aussies date and how Americans date. Especially as it is screened straight after the pile of gut turning tripe that is The Bachelor. The Aussies are lighthearted, funny and not 'emotionally invested' like the Yanks on The Bachelor!

Other updates - the battle against the unhappy new year gut has started. Whipping my butt and gut into shape with beach boot camp, weights (yes back in Globogym again people!), basketball, paddling, trying to surf (again) and the new world of bi-athelon training (swim and run). Unfortunately the anticipated 1.5km ocean swim didn't happen as planned last weekend, it was meant to be a trial for the Cole Classic swim in Feb which is 2km - so I'm not sure if I'll be ready in time.

Declutter - I tried to declutter my room over the break. Highly unsuccesful as room temperatures in my room are similar to the outside ie. above 30 degrees C and therefore unbearable to be in for more than 5 minutes after 9am. But I finally decluttered my desk the other day. But really all i did was move everything into one big box to sort out later. ha. I found the method from the Organized home site and was looking for tips to declutter and stumbled on the box or banish method and i really wanted instant declutter! Maybe I can wait til winter to sort through the box ha ha.

PS. Gravel Rash Bunny finds a home at Dr.YDG's, it really should be renamed 'dodgy bunny'.


Blogger YDG said...

To reply to your comment on my blog : interesting re: real name for dodgy bunny! Very funny motto too - I'd subscribe to it!

Congrats on decluttering your desk and new years resolution re gut. Wish I could be similarly resolved! But have too much chocolate to get through.

How do you get to be on "shopping for love" ??

9:27 am  
Blogger Big Bad Joe said...

What's really funny is in my bouts of insomnia recently I watched that show too. Some of the girls in there are pretty HOT. My arse looking better than some of the guys though.

Haha, good luck in your neverending battle to unclutter your room and get rid off your gut! You and I know that you have been saying this for years!

Throw all your shit out and stop eating soo much!


12:57 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

geeez joe, you need to go on Dr. Phil wtih that kind of advice or should it be Judge Judy :P

12:20 am  

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