January 27, 2006

This week...

was jam packed! Ditched my regularly scheduled program (mostly exercise) including wed night bball game (gasp) and went out and lived a little...

1. Saw Mad Hot Ballroom at the free outdoor cinemas at The Overflow on the weekend, it’s a great documentary about New York primary school kids who learn ballroom dancing and have interschool competitions. Jpeg was super impressed by their dancing skills – those Dominican Republicans are born with rhythm in their blood!

2. Skipped off training on Tuesday night and enjoyed the delights of a great indoor picnic whilst watching The Princess Bride on the big white wall at ‘The Tuscan Villa’, we had intended to see it at moonlight cinema (which is something I have never done!) but it rained out! Hopefully will get a chance to use our complimentary tickets that we scammed after noticing that an online clothing shop was giving them away with every purchase – we purchased $5.00 coin pouch and received $30 worth of tickets (yay!). Billy lent me the abridged version of book, The Princess Bride, and so far it’s great, much more detail than the movie, but still hilarious.

3. Managed to squeeze in some retail therapy on Australia Day (no, it’s not un-Australian, it’s patriotic to support the stores! Haha) I had written a post-xmas sales wishlist but had only come away from the masses with a PINK handbag (my most favourite item right now). However, a little trip to Birkenhead Point was successful and I left with the following items:

metallic brown sandals for people with wide hoofs (me); pink straw clutch from Esprit, bargain at $13;
Speedo one piece cossie ; Black bikini $20! and Witchery denim skirt (have been looking for one at non-teenager length for ages).

Remaining items on wishlist
casual sundress under $50 ; funky evening clutch (handbag - not auto part as YDG initially thought); and $200,000 one-bed apartment with ocean views and close to city. ha ha.

3. Clinto and Binny’s big fantasy dance party at Equilibrium Hotel was on Wednesday night, talk about popularity! 800 people rsvp’d on their guest list, and they only knew about 200 of them. The place was too packed (max capacity of 200!) to a point where it was just people standing and drinking even though the music was HOT! (Go DJ mirage!) And the lines were so long they went all the way down to George Street. The party ended early when someone smashed the front glass because they couldn’t get into the party. Nothing like waiting in line for an hour to incite violence! For pics and a review of the party check out


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