February 05, 2006

green thongs

green thongs, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

So i work in Kogarah during the week, which isn't the most happening place, (except for my awesome hairstylist!) Anyhow, clintos decided to have his bday dinner at Thai Recipe in kogarah, on Sat night. I guess we made the place more happening! Clintos got some green havaianas, a sports illustrated calender and a voucher for geeky stuff. I also made hime some green tea cupcakes using Santo's recipe modifed from Bill Granger's. I was going to make marizpan yodas (clintos is a starwars and green freak) but in between two paddle sessions and some shopping, I just couldn't squeeze in the time or patience to mould wrinkly old yoda faces...haha

PS. i lied last time...this will actually be the final clinto bday celebration post until next year.


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