February 21, 2006

GC Part 2

Today i'm actually awake - and not a walking zombie. I've posted my pics (click on pic above for link) and when clint and sharon upload theirs I might add them to the collection. My next scheduled holiday for 2006 will be Hamilton Island Cup races in June! But maybe I can squeeze in a mini-break during Easter! REally should just be saving pounds for Europe trip though!

PS. Am still dreaming of baking cupcakes for $$. How much would you pay for a cupcake?


Blogger YDG said...

Depends on the size and how far the "top" rises above the cupcake paper. But for a decent cupcake with icing, I'd pay $1.50. For a more fancy cupcake in a cafe, I'd pay $2.00.

But maybe my sense of proportion has gone. Here I pay 2 pounds 50 for a scungy little scone. .. which translates to $6.

4:31 am  
Blogger Bex said...

hmmm...Cupcakes on Pitt (specialty cupcake store) sell muffin sized cupcakes for $3.50 EACH! I think $2.00-$2.50 might seem reasonable?

4:13 pm  

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